Kaode is a communautary game of adventure, of exploration and battle between creatures. It is set in a post-apocalyptical universe designed under fantasy and steampunk influence.
Come and take part in an adventure where YOU are the hero, in an evolving world.

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THIS world is yours. go on a new journey collect, explore, fight and choose!

Welcome to the official website of Kaode, come browse our pages ... waiting to walk the grounds of the Known World!

Kaode is an independent game, offering an individual and personalised gaming experience : its concept goes back over a time where the graphism were not the only key to its success.
The system is built in order for you to be at the center of an adventure of which YOU are the hero, in a progressive world :

  • Challenge your friends
  • Live an original adventure, plot and set in a new world where humanity emerges from the ruins of a medieval, steampunk and contemporary world.
  • Choose your own approach of the game : exploration, collaboration or collection ?

Links to the game :

  • 3
  • Sep
  • 2016

Focus on a Kaode: Mechamosquito! (2/2)

In this second part, we are going to analyze Mec…

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  • Aug
  • 2016

Focus on a Kaode: Mechamosquito! (1/2)

In the first part of this section dedicated to the study of Mechamosquito, we are going to reveal all the…

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  • 30
  • Jun
  • 2016

Addition of major content: the Chat

This weekend, part of the team gathered in Paris in order to officialize some details and ensure some necessary meeti…

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  • 20
  • Jun
  • 2016

Traveler content: Archetype of the explorer

In Kaode, before leaving for the Known World, a traveler chooses his archetype among five propositions…

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  • 15
  • Jun
  • 2016

Média: Kaode’s Chronicles

What are the “Kaode’s Chronicles”? In order to reveal to your eyes the keys to the …

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